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Our company was founded at the end of 2007 for the aim of helping our clients out with providing technical aid or delivering their broken-down or crashed trucks, container lorries, buses, cars, agrarian vehicles etc.

Other activities:

  • In case of oversized cargo or vehicles we can also provide solutions
  • Storage of trucks, traileres, cars and other vehicles
  • Transhipment
  • Payment guarantee in whole Europien Union by Shell, DKV, UTA cards

Our operating location is mainly in East Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine or Romania but in case of need we are to help our clients in whole Europe.

24/24 working hours make it posssible to receive our clients emergency phone-calls at any time of the day and start giving assistance as soon as possible.

Our colleagues own more than 10 years’ experience on this area.


  • Mercedes 2432 breakdown truck with hydrofork and 80-, 40-, 25 tons’capstans
  • Mercedes 1632 breakdown truck, with crane, lift up tow
  • Mitsubishi L200 science technical aid

We represent development in a constantly changing business world so we regenerate our technical machines and means continually.

In case of any questions or requests we are glad to be contacted.

Owners of Truck Service Plus Ltd.

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